There are 5 steps to the process of producing a geocoin.

Step 1. The idea. Every geocoin starts with an idea. You need to get that idea drawn up with as much detail as possible.

This is one of our own designs, Aon-adharcach

Your drawing does not need to be

as clear as this, as long as it shows

the basic idea we can work with it.

Step 2. The design, getting the design ready for the mint to be able to use.

Step 3. Having the design approved by Groundspeak.

Step 4. Getting the final quote from the mint and having samples made.

Step 5. Approving the samples and going into full production.

How many geocoins to produce?

That is entirely up to you but bear in mind that the fewer coins you make the cost per coin will be more due to certain costs being the same regardless of the quantity you make, such as design fees, icon fee and mold fees.

 Of course, the more you make the better the price. The coins do not all have to be the same. You can have different finishes and enamels. This way you can make Regular Editions, Limited Editions, Extra Limited editions and so on.

Once the designer has done their magic your design will be sent to the mints for production quotes

Once we have the quotes back it is time to move on to production. The first stage of this is to have samples made.

Your samples come back, we check them and pass them onto you. Once you are happy, final production of your geocoins start.

This is Signal the frog and his guest appearance here is thanks to Groundspeak.

Signal is a registered Trademark.

Your design needs to be approved by Groundspeak to ensure it is family friendly and not offensive. We will ensure this happens for you. We have never had a design rejected yet!